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VIG Industries, Inc. is very proud to offer several new optional features for our line of hydrocarbon analyzers:

Auto Calibration

We designed this new feature with the customer in mind. All you do is input the value of the calibration gas, and the time interval at which you want calibration to take place and then press start and walk away. It's that simple.

RS-232 Communication

This feature allows standard serial port communication between the analyzer and an external host (PC or other controller). This allows endless possibilities as far as control of the analyzer, digital data acquisition, multiple analyzer control, integrated systems and much more.

Internal Dilution System

This feature is very useful when working with sample gasses with very high concentration levels. It is also very useful when working with unstable or explosive gasses.

Auto Ignition

This feature will attempt to relight the flame in the FID if it is extinguished for any reason and will alarm if it is unsuccessful.

User Selectable Fuel

This feature allows the user to select between hydrogen or hydrogen/helium with the simple flick of a switch.

Automatic Purge

This feature allows the user to set time intervals where the sample line, including the internal sample filter, are automatically back purged.

Coming Soon

Auto Start Up

We also designed this feature with the customer in mind. This feature allows first time users to start the unit with minimal knowledge of the analyzer. All you do is hit the power switch and push the auto start button. Come back in an hour or so and the unit is all warmed up, lit and ready for sampling.




VIG Industries has been working with a major paint booth manufacturer to design systems to measure their abatement efficiency.  These systems work on a new patented technology not using standard carbon, which can be regenerated by using warm air rather than steam.

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