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Chart Recorders / Data Loggers

VIG Industries offers chart recorders and Data Loggers to meet exact customer requirements. We offer single pen, multiple pen, digital data acquisition and much more.

DataChart® 2000 Paperless Data / Chart RecorderDataChart® 2000 Paperless Data / Chart Recorder

The Data-Chart 2000 has 2, 4, 6 or 12 direct universal isolated inputs that are menu selectable for DC voltage, DC current and thermocouples. The intuitive Touch-screen control provides easy, fast set up and operation.

Display -
The brilliant 5.6" (142mm) active matrix TFT color display is the largest in it’s class and with a special anti-glare coated Touch-screen the viewability is second to none. If you need a more economical solution, the DC2000 can also be ordered with a super bright blue monochromatic display.

Recording -
Data is stored in non-volatile internal RAM and downloaded to removable media automatically on a preset basis or on demand. Standard removable storage is a 3.5" 1.44Mb disk or, for large amounts of data, you can choose the PCMCIA card drive option which will store up to 200 Mb of Data.

Speed -
A measurement rate of 8 samples per second for 1 channel makes the DC2000 ideal for recording process signals that change quickly such as pressure. Or, if you require information less frequently, you can select to record between 8 samples per second and ten minutes.

Communications -
Communication options offer great flexibility in accessing data or controlling the DC2000. Data can be accessed and downloaded over standard phone line using the RS232C option and a modem. The RS485 MODBUS option will allow the DC2000 to be installed into an existing MODBUS network or you can connect up to thirty one recorders in series. The 10BaseT Ethernet port option allows direct connection to LAN’s or WAN’s and the standard TCP/IP protocol means that you can transfer data over the Internet.

DataTaker 4000 Palm Size 1-5 Channel Data Logger

Palm-sized 1 to 5-channel Data Loggers

Datataker DT4000The DataTaker data logger 4000 series comprises advanced palm-sized, self-powered Data Loggers, software and accessories that offer state-of-the-art convenience, accuracy and reliability.

DataTaker data logger  4000 series comprises 5, 4, 2 and 1-channel models for analog voltage and current loop signals -

  • Powerful yet easy to use
  • 12-bit resolution for outstanding accuracy and sensitivity
  • Data storage:- 21,000 readings (70,000 optional)
  • Bulletproof nonvolatile memory protects your data
  • Data automatically converted into familiar engineering units
  • Self-powered for long-term worry-free performance (10 year battery)
  • Palm-sized for convenience and unobtrusive mounting
  • The Data Logger 4000 series
    Data Logger 4000-110 One 10Vdc input Data Logger 4000-1CC One 4-20mA input
    Data Logger 4000-101 One 1Vdc or 10Vdc input (switchable)
    Data Logger 4000-1CW One 4-20mA input with XPS
    Data Logger 4000-105 One 5Vdc input
    Data Logger 4000-210 Two 10Vdc inputs
    Data Logger 4000-2CC Two 4-20mA inputs
    Data Logger 4000-201 Two 1Vdc inputs
    Data Logger 4000-2CW Two 4-20mA inputs with XPS
    Data Logger 4000-21T One 10Vdc input plus ambient temperature
    Data Logger 4000-211 Two 1Vdc or 10Vdc inputs (switchable)
    Data Logger 4000-205 Two 5Vdc inputs
    Data Logger 4000-3T1 Two 1Vdc or 10Vdc (switchable), ambient temp.
    Data Logger 4000-410 Four 10Vdc inputs
    Data Logger 4000-4CC Four 4-20mA inputs
    Data Logger 4000-4CW Four 4-20mA plus XPS excitation switch
    Data Logger 4000-50-T Four 10Vdc plus ambient temperature
    Data Logger 4000 Two 1 or 10Vdc (switchable), two 4-20mA, plus ambient temperature and XPS excitation
    Data Logger 4000-4A1 Four 1Vdc inputs
    Data Logger 4000-4R5 Four 5Vdc inputs

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