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VIG - microprocessor based hydrocarbon analyzer manufacturer
Flame Ionization Detector Based Hydrocarbon Analyzers
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VIG - air quality monitoring equipment manufacturer

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VIG Industries, Inc. offers several models of Hydrocarbon Analyzers to rent for you to choose from:




VIG Model 20 Oven Heated THC Analyzer

$ 825 USD

VIG Model 20/2 Oven Heated Dual Channel THC Analyzer

$ 1,250 USD

VIG Model 200 Non-Methane THC Analyzer

$ 1,450 USD
VIG Model 200/1 Methane / Non-Methane (NMHC) Hydrocarbon Analyzer $ 1,375 USD
VIG Model 210 Methane / Ethane / Non-Methane-Ethane (NMEHC) / Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer $ 1,650 USD

Ratfisch Model RS-55 CA Oven Heated THC Analyzer

$ 750 USD

Ratfisch Model RS-102 CA Spot Heated THC Analyzer

$ 450 USD

Rental Terms and Conditions

  • Weekly rental rate includes rental of the analyzer for seven (7) days plus one (1) day for shipment to the customer and one (1) day for return shipment to VIG Industries (9 days total).

  • Customer is responsible for all shipping charges, and is also responsible for insuring the unit during shipment.

  • All analyzers are rented in the 'good faith' that the customer will use the analyzer within its operating limitations and will treat it with care.

  • Any damage caused due to mishandling or misuse of the analyzer shall be the customers responsibility.

  • Any shipping damage shall be the shipping company's responsibility (Only if the unit was properly insured).

  • If for any reason the analyzer does not work to specifications when received by the customer (subject to verification by VIG Industries), VIG Industries will incur all related shipping costs.

  • Rental rates are in US Dollars.

Please call us at (800) 862-7844, or send us an E-mail to make sure we have your unit in stock.

If you prefer, please try one of our associates.

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